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The Gallery theme this week is ‘My Back Yard’ which gives us plenty of scope for being nosey of where folks live! Love it!  My back garden (see the change in terminology there?) is quite new. Those of you who follow the blog will remember this ‘A Table & Two Chairs’ when I explained about our make-over in the garden. You may have missed these two over at the other place ‘Ladybirds’ or this pair ‘Not for walking!’ 

Well it is amazing what a year of sun, wind & rain can do. Our little patch is no longer bare with an appearance of newness. We have growth on bushes that have to be kept pruned. From the original design, we’ve had to replace the lavendar because for some reason, although it is a hardy plant & will grow anywhere, it chose not to in our space.

We get regular visitors in the form of a variety of birds. It fascinates me how they choose which feeder they will use despite all the feeders having the same delicious delicacies in them. Let me explain – our neighbour has lots of feeders, fat balls & goodies hanging in her trees but the one thing she does not serve is black sunflower seeds. Rather than be in competition, we decided to offer a very limited menu so the birds know what they get when they fly in.

From the vast quatities we get through, it is a favourite with them all but back to the feeders. As I say, they all contain the same thing, are all designed in the same way – only the colour & obviously position varies. I have a theory that they have their favourite place then move through the others as they empty each of them. They even get quite brave & hit the one nearest the house if I have been slow to replenish.

We are also sure that there is a fox who pays us a call at night. He may be after next doors frogs who have a very energetic sex life from the noises they make ALL night!

So, you can see that things in the garden are progressing. Our bird bath is cleaned & filled daily by hubby & is certainly an attraction for baths, drinks & other social aviary gatherings. Why don’t you join us, here at Chez Us!

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