I’m a great fan of the Gallery hosted by the very inventive Tara Cain at Sticky Fingers. I love Friday mornings when I pop to see what the new theme is but this week it taught me something about myself that I was quite shocked by!

The theme for this week chosen by Laura over at Are We There Yet Mummy?    is ‘Mustachioed ‘. (Best not to ask really but she has an obsession with moustaches!) When I read it my stomach dropped. Such disappointment! Where on earth would I get a picture given my ‘clean shaven’ family? Throughout the following days, I was looking at the world through ‘is there a moustache there somewhere’ eyes but nothing.

The big learning for me was how it made me feel. It looked like, for the first time in over a year, I would not be able to join this weekly canter through photographs and blogs. My mood for the past couple of days has been low. I’ve tried to fathom out what was affecting me in this way. Today for instance I’m due to go out for lunch with a dear friend – an event I’m always up for but not today. I couldn’t seem to get myself going on anything.

Then it happened! I had an idea for the entry! It was brilliant! A brain wave that had been staring me in the face all the time! Suddenly, I was happy! I felt really pleased with myself & oh so relieved that I would be part of the party. So, I now know that being part of a regular event is important to me. To be part of a particular group, able to contribute on equal (well in terms that I post a picture) with others has become part of my weekly ritual.

I am a happy bunny! Here is my entry with the caption : ‘You always get one with this!’


BTW did you know that they have just held the World Championships for Beards & Moustaches? Here you go Laura!


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