Books, books and more books!

The Gallery theme for today was easy – yes? Well… not really because when you are passionate about books and that is the theme – where do you start?

I have had a little play with a new app called ‘Pic Collage’ which is absolutely fab!

Here you can see one of my bookcases. If you look carefully alongside the waste paper bin, you’ll see a pile of books on the floor. Yes – we have run out of room. In the picture is a selection of the sort of thing you’ll find in our house – travel books, health books, favourite books like Harry Potter & Tolkein, books by one of my favourite authors Alexander McCall Smith (who I have me and had tea with!!), there’s one of hubby’s plus something from my son. As a blogger obviously I need a dictionary close at hand too.

So, there you have it. A little snippet of Books at Julia’s Place.

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