Blood & Faces

The theme over at Sticky Fingers for the Gallery this week is ‘Faces’.

Well, I’ve been a bit cheeky!

The paper-weight is very special. As you may know, I am a blood donor and as such have had some rewards for my donations. Many years ago I also gave platelets. This was something you could do once a month rather than the 6 monthly blood donation. That meant that the donations on your card soon mounted up and I received this when I reached the 100 mark.

At the awards reception they just announced how many donations had been given, with no explanation of platelets etc. So, if you can’t give blood until you are 17 and can only give it every 6 months – imagine how surprised the audience was when I stood up, a reasonably spry figure of  50 ish!. They nearly queued to discover my secrets!

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