Another Era!

The theme for this weeks Gallery is ‘Vintage’ and being the age hubby and I are,we should be quite spoilt for choice I suppose. We decided that we would make our choice through a systematic process. Which one of us was more vintage?

Thankfully (I think!) we have very few photos of me during my teenage years where the clothes that I was wearing might have shown which decade it was. I was far too sensible to get caught on camera!

After a great deal of comparisons and reflections of ‘wild oat’ days we decided that HE had under-gone more changes than me so we started to hunt for photographic evidence.Oh if only we had known that later in life Tara Cain would have run a weekly photographic challenge. We would have taken better photographs and certainly put them where we could find them!

Anyway, here is what we finally came up with.

Those of you who follow this blog will recognise hubby. He has got hair which might confuse you but he is the one with the glasses. Just look closely at the clothes in both. They look so proud of those shorts! Now these are not the fancy dress items that you may see on other posts this week. These are ‘the real thing’!

The blonde is best friend Steve now father of 5 & although still blonde not quite so lithe. This duo was the bees knees of Weymouth College circa 1976. Not only have the lads moved on, the College was closed, boarded up and now has been made into apartments.

So, that is our Vintage. I suppose if it was champagne it might have lost its fizz. Bubbles give me a headache so that’s no problem. I like to think of it in terms of a wine that has matured and is just for my consumption!

So….what is your vintage? Wine, champers or cheese!

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