A Day in School

This week Tara has given us a topic for the Gallery that is very current – Back to School.

For those of you who do not know about me  (um – why not pray?) I used to be a head teacher. I believed firmly in the fun element of education & took any opportunity to get the children dressing up. Now before you think how philanthropic,  let me assure you that it was for my benefit! This picture is of me on World Book Day. I’m not going to tell you straight away who I was or what the book was (guesses in comments below please; answer next week!)

As you gaze in wonder & puzzlement please note:

Footwear – for those of you who watch Waterloo Road can you see where the head got the idea?

Nourishment – it is a staff room – what do you expect?!

The Mug – for those with extremely good eyesight it is from the Guinness brewery in Dublin & yes, it was mine!

Look on the face – it was my ‘Don’t you dare take my photo dressed like this with my mouth full’ look!

Now be a good person & leave your guess of who I am in this picture. When you’ve done that pop over the Sticky Fingers & read some more great entries! (Note to self :- you must not enjoy using that headteacher tone quite so much!)

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