When I grow up I want to be…..

My new friend Holly over at Good Golly Miss Holly has taken up a meme about the Top 10 careers you would love to have for a week. Obviously, you would be fully trained in them so here are mine (in no particular order):

Pilot in the Red Arrows air acrobatic team

I would need help with the sickness for the first few sorties I’m sure but ….

Driver of a steam train

I have brothers but they didn’t live at home so I haven’t had that whole train experience. I was terrified of stations as a little girl but now I’ve mellowed & can see the romance in steam travel.

Travel again – an astronaut

I’d just like to get up there & look down to get a full picture of the beauty of this tiny planet we live on. If I was able to see the pollution we were causing, I’d come back & really give the powers that be ‘what for’.

Concert pianist

Now this has to do with the fact that I was supposed to be learning how to play the piano when I retired but have failed to do so, so far. I blame the blogging world for this but if I could be a virtuoso for a week, I’m sure it would spur me on to do it in real life. I’d be happy to be like Jools Holland as well!


Those of you who follow my blog will know about my passion for West Side Story but any musical type show will do.

Forensic scientist

Yes, the whole CSI bit. Don’t mind which programme I’m in but I’d like some gore (may need help with the sickness again!!)

Delicatessen server

Odd I know but I just love the idea of putting delicious slices of meat, ham & cheese onto the scales then wrapping them in grease proof paper.


I know she’s not real, but a character like Jessica Fletcher. That way I can combine writing as well. (She’s also nearer my age which is a hug bonus!)

A gardener at Villandry.

Have a look at this & you’ll see why!

So what career desires do you harbour? Given the opportunity, what would you be when you grow up?

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