We didn’t lose! (Gillingham v Torquay)

This post follows the football match between Gillingham FC & Torquay United. The score was 1-1, Torquay scoring in the 95th minute!


 As we entered the stadium the pitch was covered in bodies stretching, running, jumping all in the cause of warming up before the start of the game. The crowd gradually filled the seats with some loitering by the touch-line in the hope of seeing their heroes as they went through their pre-match ritual.

 The game began & there was a lot of to-ing & fro-ing, back & forth – blue / yellow/ blue / yellow/ yellow/ blue – all of it seemingly ad hoc! Gradually the mood changed along with the weather. The bright but weak autumn sun was replaced by slate grey clouds that were clearly intent on mischief & it wasn’t long before they deposited their contents. Lightly at first but then with a vengeance, the rain poured straight down soaking all those not under cover.

 Bodies scurried out of the way. Fans sort spare seats away from the coveted front row. It may give you an excellent view but now it gave you a drenching. The players slipped & slid as the ground took on that greasy quality that makes staying upright difficult.

 The start of the second half saw an improvement in the weather if not the football. The juxtaposition of floodlights & sunshine made one of those two unnecessary as shadows became elongated across the grass. The crowd, growing anxious for action, became more vocal, each shout a little more intense than the previous one as they willed the ball into the back of the net. Despite the contortions of the players this was not going to happen. The crowd sighed, almost as one, as the ball hit the cross bar.

 Out of the blue, Gillingham scored! How did I miss it? I’m sure I was looking. The home fans were pleased if not a little relieved. However, the fates conspired against us as some silliness at the corner flag brought about a loose ball, a free kick & an equalizer for Torquay, with the very last kick of the game.

 Oh well. We didn’t lose & it was the Gills after all!

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