Walking Pet Balloons

I love these!

They are just what you need to get you off that sofa, out into the fresh air and meeting people. People will stop to talk to you – believe me!

Now, let me explain. I visited the Bristol Balloon fiesta and saw this stall. I had my phone handy so took a photo.

” That’ll be £2 please Madam,” said one of the lads with a smile on his face.

“You don’t want my money,” says I. “I’ll get you some publicity by putting this picture on my blog and tweeting it out to my nearly 9,000 followers.”

They were quite happy with the arrangement. They then asked if I would like a free one. Well, when you have a little person staying you have to accept these gifts so this is what came home!


Do go and explore their website to find out all about the different pets, the charities they support and how to follow them on Face Book! Walking Pet Balloons

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