Things I Learnt on Holiday – a Review!

We have recently been for a short trip to France. This is the first of a short series about our adventure – a little list of things I learnt!

  • Don’t wear ballerina pumps (especially if they are old) when you are walking on cobbles. This is not advisable if you are going down a fairly steep slope as it makes you walk in a way that gives the appearance of an elderly lady who should have gone to the toilet before she left the house.
  • Do not presume that because you have been brought up to give way to other people in a narrow space that others will have had the same upbringing. If they do not acknowledge that you have been waiting there for quite a time while the world and his wife goes past it is probably because they know you’re English and that is what the English do.
  • The history between France and Great Britain goes much further back than the construction of the Channel Tunnel. We’ve almost shared a king!
  • Although I spent some time drawing up lists of possible clothes combinations covering all weathers, I still managed to arrive without the appropriate clothes. However, I was reminded by the wisdom of IJ in this post   ‘A Hint of Mild Panic’ over at Rosie Scribble.
  • The angle of sign posts in France can be deceptive. They often look as if they are pointing left or right but are in fact directing you forward. This can result in the loud sounding of car horns from other drivers who have worked out that you are English.Unusual road sign
  • Miserable people are the same the world over!
  • Despite there being very little room in the tiny lift which you are using to take your trolley loaded with your luggage down to the car, there will always be some people who insist on getting in with you!
  • By and large, holidays are wonderful experiences but it is still great to get home, unpack and put the kettle on. We love France and the French but they can’t make a decent cup of tea!
Do pop back over the next couple of days to follow the goings on of our trip including corporate floral decorations and the biggest market ever! 
This post is also for Alphabe-Thursday over at Jenny Matlock’s wonderful blog. The letter is ‘R’ hence – Review! Do pop over and see some other contributions!

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