The Naughty Step!

I was having a bit of a trawl & came across a fun post from Liz over at Living with Kids It’s to put someone on the naughty step. Now as we all know, going on the naughty step usually comes after some sort of or series of unreasonable behaviour that has been pointed out & warned about.  It usually comes just before a loud shout & an order to ‘GO TO YOUR ROOM!’

So who do I choose? Well as usual I have to go off on a slight tangent & choose the Football Association affectionately known as the FA (& yes there are many translations of those initials!) Here are the reasons:

  • They did not  send a winning team to  represent England in the World Cup
  • They did not listen to Trevor Brooking a few years ago when he said that there should be investment in young players
  • They do not have anyone in the top jobs who have any experience of either playing or managing at the top level
  • They have allowed the clubs in the Premiership to boss them about!

So – naughty step to think about your behavior & if it doesn’t improve – GO TO YOUR ROOM!

Who would you send to the Naughty Step & why?

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  • Ooh, I’m not sure! There’s so many to choose from! Right now it’s probably this famous basketball player over here called LeBron James who has famously left his hometown team of Cleveland, Ohio to sign with the Miami Heat. And, the team manager who wrote a nasty letter about it.

  • Are Governments allowed be put on the naughty step? 😀 Love this idea, might do it myself 🙂


  • I’m not sure I should comment…I may never stop. BUT

    1. The people who complain about the goings on in school but never set foot inside it and spread malicious gossip without thinking of the effect their ramblings have on the children and adults who are working their socks off in there

    2. Reality TV producers who fill up the schedules with stuff about people I have no interest in and elbow good drama out of the way.

    3. The person in my house who keeps drinking all the elderflower fizz, leaving just a TINY bit at the bottom for me…which is flat

    4. The person who has just (yes really) driven past our house with all his car windows open and some awful music blaring, and all those like him

    5. Politicians who say one thing and do the opposite

    and on, and on, and on, AND ON!

  • Oh don’t get me started! I would send lots of people, especially those who mislead others. For example those magazines with airbrushed pictures, giving us unreal expectations of what we should look like. The adverstisers of ‘toddler’ milk, implying that it yo don’t give it tto your child you are codemning them to a live of calciium defiiiency & osteoporsis in later life. Those sharks who tell you how to get out of debt, or to claim for an accident, ‘no win no fee’. There is ALWAYS a fee, the only free, impartial advice you will get is from your local CAB..Especially ours in Buckingham!!

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