The Husband of Bath!

This week’s Gallery caused me lots of sleepless hours! The theme of ‘Before & After’ was real toughy. The idea was to take an old photo & recreate it. I really struggled to make a start! However, Tara spurred me on, encouraging me to dig deep within my creative juices – so I did!


This picture was taken on 24th October 1988. It was the day I married THE most wonderful man in the world. We had set up home a year previously & decided that we wanted a photographic memory of the whole day, not just the ceremony. So, here he is in all his glory (well without any of it actually!)

James Dean - sultry pose!

Notice theΒ  oh my goodness what am I about to do sultry look! Also note the bath & general environment he’s sitting in.


This picture shows the changes to the bathroom. Gone is that oblong shape with those amazing curtains. Instead we have a round bath in our fantastic new bathroom. Look at him though – the same adonis body, still no hair but just look at that smile!! He knows what the past 22 years have held & it looks like it’s been fun!!

Cheeky Chappie!


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