Take-away toilets! 

We recently visited a National Trust property and before setting off from the car park I thought I would make myself comfortable by spending a penny.

They were situated in a porta cabin but they announced that they were The Royal Flush!

IMG_6400 Now, I don’t know about you but I don’t like using these facilities really. They are often smelly with wobbly seats, no water and a ton of paper strewn across the floor but needs must so I ascended the stairs.

What a surprise!

It was a bit like a TARDIS experience. For those of you not familiar with Dr Who it is a building that appears small on the outside but when you enter it is much larger than expected. In this case it was much posher that my previous experience of these facilities. I was so taken with them that I had to take some photos!
IMG_6399Note the real toilet together with a flush! the floor was clean and notice the picture for decoration on the back wall.

Washing your hands, an activity often missing from the ‘old loos’ was a delight!

IMG_6398Running water, mirrors, soap and towels!

Definitely take away toilets with a difference!


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  • tinyacorns

    Wow, not what you expect from the outside at all! I took some photos of the loos in the springwatch village too as they were very posh portacabin ones too, but much more modern posh than your lovely ones.

  • I had to laugh when I saw this, because my sister’s been in Paris the past three weeks, and she has e-mailed each day, with photos of what she’s doing — and there were pics of bathrooms in her e-mails — each one for a different reason. She loves Paris and would live there if weren’t for the fact that the two sons and the grandkids all live in the States. But when she’s there, she takes photos of anything that she has enjoyed, and she got such a kick out of two different bathrooms this trip that she sent pics of them. She also tried out one of the self-cleaning city street toilets that I mentioned to you a few weeks ago. She got pics of that as well. But I think she was most fascinated by the big move in France toward brightly colored toilet paper. Here in the States, health authorities try to get people to avoid using colored toilet paper because the dyes cause irritations. But either the French have a different kind of dye in theirs, or they have much sturdier bottoms, because the brilliant colors were all over the place this summer.

  • Those are nice porta-potties! I have never seen anything like them.

  • I have once seen these and had been blown away as well. There is progress after all. Thanks for the pictures. 😀

  • I’ve seen posher than normal porta loos but not as smart as these!

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