Sunday Snippets!

This post is a little bit of silliness the brainchild of Marylin over at Softthistle. It’s like a round-up of your week in bite sized pieces. Do pop over & see what the others have been getting up to!


For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a retired head teacher

  • Monday saw me at the Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) where I am Chair of Governors taking part in an in-set day. It was really interesting n& great fun but my goodness I was exhausted! I had forgotten how tiring it is to keep focused on different things all day. It felt really good to be with like minded folk though!
  • Tuesday saw me at the house of a parent Governor of the other school I’m a Governor at (see a pattern emerging here?). We were meeting with other parents to discuss communications between parents & the school. It was a real challenge because the 6 little people with us were obviously far more skilled at communicating than we were & managed to come out tops each time!
  • Back to the PRU on Thursday for a full meeting of the Management Committee. Lots to discuss & decide. I got a real surprise when I was formally thanked from the staff for being around & showing them support. It made me think about all the work I had done as a head that so often seemed to go unnoticed!
  • Comment of the week:

Me to OH – ‘Why are you taking the garden furniture in?’

OH – It’s raining & I don’t want it to get wet!’


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