Striking the right note!

It’s that time for some short creative writing! It’s Centus which is a meme where a prompt is given & you have just 100 words to turn it into an interesting piece. As usual the prompt is in blue.


‘I’m SO disappointed!’

‘So am I’

‘You promised! You said you would do the work. You always say one thing and do another. I thought you said it was important to you. I’m SO embarrassed!’

‘I DID do the work. Honestly. I haven’t played football for months. I wanted to do well. You know I did. It meant a lot to me. How do you think I feel?’

‘Well, only you could do anything about it. You were the one up there after all. What excuse have you got then?’

‘Well  if I had a hammer on C sharp it wouldn’t have sounded so B flat.’


Hopefully you are chuckling! Pop over to Jenny Matlock’s blog to read some other pieces!


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