I have a new kitchen. Well, when I say new, I mean a kitchen that has a face lift. It looks very smart with new black, marble work tops and new cabinets with white, slow closing doors. All together I’m really pleased with it and surprised that it does look so different.

For some reason I have had lime green in my head when it came to accessories. Not sure where that came from as I’m not a ‘green’ person at all. Anyway, I have changed the washing up bowl and the few bits and bobs on the window sill to match the new blind that has a sketch-type leaf design with the occasional splash of a lime green one.

There is quite a range of items in the stores for lime green kitchens. I haven’t gone all out to replace everything but one utensil that I have needed to change was the colander. The previous one I had was metal and has done so much travelling with house changes that it was very very bashed and wouldn’t stand straight on a surface. Along the same lines, although not wonky but a bit rusty, was the smaller strainer that I used for peas and items that might falls through the holes in it’s bigger companion. We worked out that both items were VERY old having previously been owned by our mums!

So it was time for a change! Let me introduce you to my new straining equipment! Aren’t they fabulous? They are square and stand very well. Hubby, who always does the main washing up of the day loves them as they clean very easily.

My approach is quite minimalist as far as surfaces with things on them so sadly I keep them in a cupboard so they don’t add to my colour in the kitchen but I know they are there and love using them. Makes serving vegetables very colourful!

Do you go for colour in your home? Is there a theme of design that says ‘you’?


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  • My style is ‘looks good when its been tidied but soon gets messed up again’ too much craft stuff for the space!

  • How exciting when the work is done and the disruption over. A change is always uplifting and after 25 years, well, I guess you deserve it. <3

  • Oddly enough, my kitchen, which desperately needs replacing, also has a green theme.
    How did you refurb yours?
    I really need to get mine done, but find the disruption it will cause very daunting. Also I know MasterB will be very stressed at having strangers banging about in the flat, so he may have to go to the Cattery while it is done.

    • jfb57

      We were going to go for just replacing doors but when we compared the cost we thought we’d get new cabinets as well. Our kitchen is small with no room for changing so we replaced like for like but the new doors & completely different colour of the work tops has made it feel very different. Mind the last time it was done was over 25 years ago!

      • Ah, a vintage kitchen like mine.
        My kitchen us tiny. I find magazine articles talking about makeovers for small kitchens, that show acres of space, with room for a table, breakfast bar and goodness only knows what, very annoying.

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