This week I received my first Secret Post Club gift & I’m SO excited about it. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about – shame on you!. It is a wonderful invention from Heather at Notes From Lapland

Each month she sends you the name of a SPC member & you send them a gift. You will receive a gift in the same way from someone different. What makes this so special (apart from getting a lovely parcel) is that you have to investigate your recipient so that you send something appropriate. That means watching their tweets if they are on twitter, looking at their blog – generally stalking but in the nicest possible way.

My gift came from Lisa (MrsLJHall)who can be found at ‘C is for …and here is what she sent me! As a teacher I just love pens pencils & note books. Look at this lovely pen – covered with hearts – I love pink as well! Lisa obviously looked very closely at the photos I have posted for the Gallery because she also sent me this gorgeous bracelet. Another passion of mine!

Finally, what every woman needs is chocolate but again Lisa has followed my desire to lose weight so she’s made sure it has no calories!

Thank you once again Lisa (& Heather). This was my first received gift as my person didn’t play last month so it was eagerly awaited!

Squeeee! *****Squeeeee!***** Squeeeeee!

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  • aawww great pressies 😀
    shame about last month 🙁
    this more than makes up for it though 😀

  • Lol at the ‘not opening the packaging’, so true though 😀 Lovely gifts, enjoy 🙂 Jen.

  • Am so pleased you liked it! I really ummed and ahhed about whether to buy REAL chocolate or not – hopefully you noticed that the ‘calorie free’ guarantee only applied if the packaging is unopened ;o) Didn’t realise your person didn’t send you anything last month – that’s a bit rotten! x

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