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This post is in reply to the challenge laid down by Paula  in her special ring binder section for memes at Battling On

Here are the rules:

1.Open your first (oldest) photo folder in your computer library
2. Scroll to the 10th photo
3. Post the photo and the story behind it
4. Tag 3 (it was 5 but lots of you have done it!) or more people to continue the thread


So, here is my photo. This handsome fellow is called Sid. He was snapped at Sidmouth (see a connection?!) back in 2005. OH & I had decided to have a ‘seems months since Christmas & Spring is ages away’ break. School was not too hairy so we took ourselves off for a Valentine Break at the Royal York & Faulkner Hotel on the sea front.

Regency in design, you can tell the building had once been once very grand with a touch of opulence. Over the years, a variety of refurbishments have taken place giving an almost patchwork feel to the hotel. For instance, the floors were very uneven making one question whether the small individual bottles of complimentary of bubbly were actually the real thing rather than fizzy pop!

It is the only place where we have ever had full board. This included ‘proper’ tea time at 3.45pm with scones & lashings of cream & wondrous cakes. The sort that are purposely small because they are so rich.

Dinner was a fascinating experience. OH & I were the youngest by at least 40 years (!) & the other guests treated us to a very entertaining display of walking sticks. I never realised there were so many designs, colours, thicknesses etc! There was an expectation that one would dress for dinner, perhaps not full DJ but certainly not joggers & trainers.

Sid visited us each morning. He stayed for a while until he realised that this human who was making ridiculous cooing noises had no food & therefore was not worth his time.

We have been back to the hotel a couple of times & it is still a quaint experience. We also have the habit of calling every seagull we see ‘Sid’!

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