Seaside Japes and a Sort of Give-away!

If you are a regular reader, you know quite a bit about me – yes? If you visit ‘The Head’s Office’ you’ll see another passion of mine. If you pop into ‘Julia’s Notebook’   you’ll see that I like writing and my ‘365 Posterous’  shows off my photos. So all in all, I’m an open book.

However, one thing that I haven’t shared is my skill on the various ‘rides’ at the fair or on the end of the pier. Now, when I say rides, I have to own up to telling a bit of a fib because if it moves, I don’t go near apart from……..’Hook A Duck’. In this sport I am ace. Olympic Gold Medal standard at least! (try not to yawn too hard. Just go with it for the moment!)

Anyway we visited Bournemouth the other evening and I had a go on my ‘ride’ and yes – I won a prize – here he is!

Give Away toy

The label says he’s a Huggable and although he was made in China, he is gorgeous. Now I would save him for my first grandchild but that may be a while so rather than letting him get dusty I’m going to give him away (the title did say ‘…Sort of Giveaway’. What do you expect?!)

If you think your little one could make him a good home,  leave an appropriate name for him in the comments below I will sort out some technological way of choosing a winner and will pop him in an envelope to the lucky recipient.

Now what more could you ask for? (No –  it was a rhetorical question!)

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