Rear-view mirror angst!


Rear-view Mirror via Flickr

We are a one car family with two drivers. HE has long legs. I don’t! Most of the time HE does the driving but I do occasionally get to have a go! This means that the seat has to be pulled forward & the rear view mirror has to be changed. Obviously, when HE drives again all these changes have to be reversed & that is where the problems begin!!!

Remember this post where I mentioned about his OCD? Well, this is another situation similar to the plates that causes me grief. When I make the changes in the car, it is done fairly quickly. The lever is pulled. Seat moves forward. Check for space. Slight adjustment. Same with the mirror.

The reverse when HE does it – lever is pulled. Check for space. Lever is pulled. Check for space. Done. Mirror is moved. Mirror is tweaked. Mirror is tweaked. Mirror is tweaked. Mirror is tweaked.(see a pattern here?)

Now you may think that is not a problem but when you are in the passenger seat & his arm keeps going up to the mirror, up to the mirror, IT DRIVES ME MAD!! Today, I screamed Stop it! mentioned how annoying it was. I mentioned that I couldn’t understand why it had to be EXACTLY right as I rarely look in the rear view mirror.

Response: ‘Didn’t you know that the Highway Code says you should look every 5 seconds’

I give up!!

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