Project 365

  I’m not one for resolutions. I’ve spent too many Feb the firsts bemoaning the fact that I had broken them all! One year I tried reverse psychology. Instead of resolving to give things up, I choose to DO things so the list included – smile more, walk more, eat more fruit. See the difference? No – it had the same effect.Camera via Google Image

Another approach was to get my dearest OH to set some targets for me. Now here is a man who is able to break things like goals into small parts & by the time he had explained his approach to me becoming less stressed I was so tense I nearly hit him! So – no, I don’t do resolutions!

However, I have set myself a challenge! I have signed up for Project 365. It is just as it says on the tin – you post a picture that you have taken on each day of the year! Easy peasy! (well the first 3 days have been OK!)

You can find this project here at The Head’s Office’s Posterous. Do link in, subscribe, follow & keep me going especially when the novelty wears off! You will also be able to share in the ups & downs of life at Julia’s! For those of you who tweet, follow #project365club to see many of the other fools folks taking part!

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