Pooh on the Sand!

Well here we are then. On holiday- because it is the summer time & that is what humans do.

They collect all their things & (thankfully) some of us toys & pack us into the car. Then they drive for a long time. Sometimes they stop with other cars in a queue but eventually we get here – the seaside!

Now, I have to admit to you Dear Reader that I’m not sure what we are supposed to be doing here! Usually, we build big structures & sometimes I get to sit on the top. Ummm! Seems like they are doing the sort of thing you see in corn fields. Or is it writing?

No. I’m stuck for ideas. One thing I do know though – MY BUM IS GETTING COLD & WET so can we please go home!!


This post was originally posted in September last year but did not do very well. I’m re-posting it under the ‘ShowOff Show Case’ meme set up by the fabulous ‘The Boy & Me’. Click the badge & go & read some others that missed the first time round!

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