Pearly Whites!

We’ve had a little trauma this week in our house. Hubby has had to go to the dentist! Now unlike me he is fine about going. I hate it. Always have and always will.

The reason he was going was not anything major. At the present time with things being the price they are, we only go on a need to be seen basis! However, although I may not agree, he decided that he did need to go because although he was not in pain, he knew the problem could get worse. What was the problem I hear you ask?

He has a little hole in the bottom of one of his front teeth that every 5 years or so needs filling. No need for the NEEDLE. More like a bit of poly filler!

Anyway off he went and when he came back he reported that the visit had been fine. However, during the evening, he kept going to look at himself in a mirror! After a few of these visits I asked what the problem was.

‘Do you think my teeth look big?’

‘What do you mean – big?’

‘Well since she has filled them (Dear reader remember that it is an infinitesimal amount) they seem bigger’.

‘No they are fine. Mind if you think they a growing perhaps we could have her use gold next time then you could trade it in on those cash for gold things when things really get tough.’

Interestingly, he has stopped looking in the mirror and I’m pleased to tell you his teeth seemed to have returned to their normal ‘small’ size!

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