Pass the rabbit’s foot!

I heard a discussion on the radio about how superstitious people are. They listed the many foibles that some people have & it got me thinking about how silly superstitions were & that I was glad I had none 🙂

  • As if I’d walk around a ladder rather than under it?

  • As if I’d encourage any black cat that is walking by, to cross my path?

  • Can you imagine me throwing salt over my shoulder when I’ve spilt some?

  • Am I really more cautious when the date is 13th of the month?

  • Do I really go outside & smash a jam jar after two accidents so that I don’t have to wait for the third bad thing to happen?

No, that certainly isn’t the description of a sane, normal thinking woman! (OMG – now you’ve smashed that mirror the next 7 years are going to be hell!)

Do you have any superstitions or are you above all that, just like me?!

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  • I “touch wood” when I’m hoping for good fortune. Weird, isn’t it? Sometimes I touch wood and whistle too, just for good measure 🙂

  • No I’m not superstitious – I have enough anxiety about things without creating more for myself. i do tend to avoid walking under ladders but only because I think I’m going to get a paint pot or something dropped on my head.

    Someone gave me a ring once in the shape of a four leaf clover. The first time I wore it I nearly got hit by a milk float – the milkman had left the handbrake off whilst he was delivering the milk.

    My friend’s Dad would never cross you on the stairs. And they had a black cat.

  • It’s a tricky one!! Who am I kidding I am totally wrapped up in all sorts of kooky madness. It’s a battle constantly between the rational and the irrational. It’s part of my insanity. But you know ladders – that’s not superstition that’s common sense. The cat’s – not really. Magpies – too much doffing and then I got over it when they started to take over the skies! 13th is a lucky number for me – not so great for Jesus – it’s unlucky because of the last supper. I have been known to break an egg or a matchstick if two things have broken beforehand. 😉

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