Not quite the magnificent seven!

In order to receive this wonderful Kreativ Blogger Award I have been tagged by Chris over at Thinly Spread & Maggy at RedTedArt to tell you seven things about me that you may not know. Now that is likely to be a bit tricky because you all know quite a bit already but I do so love the  Kreativ Blogger Award that I’m going to give it a go!

So here, in no particular order:

1.I have been married 3 times! Not sure how it happened really & I certainly didn’t set out to emulate Joan Collins or Elizabeth Taylor. All I can say is it certainly was a case of third time excellent!

 2. I was a keen girl-guide & on a round-up in Hants I met Princess Margaret. She wasn’t there very long – more of a quick walk through the ranks but the thing that stood out was how tiny she was. I’ve never seen any other Royals but I understand the women are small. The exhibition of the Queen’s dresses at Buckingham Palace show how petite she was as a young woman.

 3. I’m a published author!! No, don’t get  the autograph books out! It was a poem I wrote when I was at secondary school. I can remember being so proud & imagining that my future was set – I was going to be a writer! I can still feel the disappointment when my next poem wasn’t even submitted by the school!

4. I was made an honorary member of a cricket club. It wasn’t for my prowess on the cricket field although my googlies had to be seen to be believed! I got all the wives organised to raise money to have showers fitted. It took quite a few years but was good fun & so much better ‘odour-wise’!

5. I play the clarinet (well I used to!). I was one of those primary children who took up the recorder. I loved it & still really enjoy the sound it makes. I had a BIG one (tenor ) which meant I could appear to play duets. By the time I moved into  secondary school I was keen to take a qualification in music. Unfortunately, the recorder was not considered a suitable instrument for such an important exercise. So I had to choose from the small selection available. Sadly there was only one oboe, a flute or clarinets & the oboe was taken by the music teacher so it was the clarinet! I didn’t really choose it & our relationship was not easy but I did pass!

6. I was on TV doing an advert for AFASIC (Association For All Speech Impaired Children). I was the chair of the local group & we approached ITV to see if they would do an ad in their Community Groups section. It was very scary & felt like at least 100 years of filming. Needless to say it was only 2 mins altogether but it did generate a lot of interest.

7. I’m left-handed. VERY left-handed! Can’t draw a straight line with a ruler with my right!!

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  • Janice Barker

    I enjoyed reading this and found out we have a few things in common;
    It is my third time wed too and it also just happened that way but it is also third time lucky and for me that part is true, I hope yours it too.
    I played the recorder in Primary School and went on to play the tenor recorder but at Senior School I had the biggest hand span in the music class so I was picked to learn the double bass which I did and although I will never own one unless I win the lottery I still love listening to them to this day.
    I also love writing poetry although only my close family and friends ever see it.
    I enjoyed reading and learning more about you.

  • Sue

    Love the sound of the clarinet and you can so easily move onto the sax. Ever thought of picking it up again?

  • It’s lovely to hear more about you. I love the three times excellent line! I think you should dig out your TV appearance and vlog it!

  • Well done Julia! I feel I know so much more about you now; TV appearances, brushing shoulders with royalty, proper published, impressive!

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