Mother's Sayings! – revisited

Another wander down Memory Lane

My mother could often be a straight speaker. She could make you cringe at times but she tried to not embarrass me by putting her thoughts into ‘sayings’. Now these were not your common ‘n’ garden old wives tales. These did not contain wisdom or predictions. Nor did they come with an expectation of action. They were just statements. I was reminded of one the other day so thought I’d post a few with you & see if you have any such outpourings that you could share.

‘She’s all fur coat & no knickers!’ – This would be a reference to a woman who put on airs & graces but who, in my mother’s opinion was not anywhere near that sort of ‘social level’. It could also apply to the ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ category!

‘Oh look at those Pink pigs!’ – This would be accompanied by arm flailing towards the sky. It would follow a comment of a dubious nature about the achievements or expectations of the speaker. For those who did not know the phrase, they would look completely bemused. For those who did understand…well… if looks could kill!

My favourite though (now that I can look back but not at the time!) was

‘What you see when you haven’t got a gun!’ – This was also about someone’s appearance. The subject would probably have spent time getting ready & felt well dressed & co-ordinated but ….!Mother had a habit of choosing this saying in a LOUD voice just as we were travelling on escalators in department stores. This would almost certainly result in the said person having some idea of being the centre of attention. I was never sure if Mother had had experience of people being shot for mismatched garments!

As I grew up, I was always torn between ignoring these tit bits of opinion or trying to cover up the fact they had been expressed. My embarrassment decreased as I aged I suppose. As it accompanied my mother’s aging I hoped that the general public would put it down to ‘that old dear over there’. Now that I am moving into aged-ness, I do find some of her sayings coming to mind. Of course, I wouldn’t dream of using them (well not out loud! J)

So… have you got some of these maternal sayings that made you blush but actually were quite accurate?

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