Meet Scoop!

A very fine cat I’m sure you’ll agree. I’m not sure where his name came from other than you just want to ‘scoop him up’ for a cuddle. As you can see he’s a very grand cat but don’t let looks deceive you!

As you can see in this slideshow, he can be extremely silly & not grand at all!


He belongs to my DS & DiL & really ‘owns’ the house. He did come to visit once but it wasn’t very successful. They were concerned to let him out in our garden as there are a number of cats around. He managed to ‘cross his legs’ for 3 days (poor thing) but I have still got a few pulls on my carpets where he was clearly trying to take his mind off things!

He may be going a longer holiday soon. HIS house is being sold & it is likely that he will have to move in with his other ‘grandma’ for a few months. He certainly won’t be able to wait that long so plans are being made for him to go for walks each day until he gets used to his surroundings. Obviously the children will need to make sure that he is safe & will take out some insurance for him. Pet insurance is quite a new idea to me but then again I haven’t owned a pet for a long time. Life is very much more dangerous for our furry friends now so it is sensible to make sure you will not have to face huge vets bills should anything happen.

As for Scoop, he’s getting ready to go on his trip!

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