Listography – I Need These Things!

I think I’m quite late coming to Kate’s party over at Kate Takes Five. I have enjoyed reading her many lists and now that Garry over at the Blog Up North has got involved, I thought it was time for me to do more than just read.

So, I’m joining the Listography meme for the first time & giving you my top 5 of those products I could not do without. They are not in any particular order – more of a horizontal list really!

1. Electric Kettle – I have a thing about drinking hot drinks when they are hot

2. Linked with this would have to be tea AND coffee. Yes I know you’re supposed to favour one over the other but I like them both. I do however, have ‘coffee time’ and ‘tea time’ so I’m not a complete heathen!

3. Hair dryer – since my hair has got longer I have discovered that it is curly when it gets wet & dries naturally. Strange  that it should take to this old age to find out that my mother’s sadness of not raising a Pears Soap model was wasted

4. My ‘special’ knife – I’m sure you have one. Somehow I just can’t prepare a meal without cutting or chopping something with it

5. In the same vein – my ‘special saucepan’. Sauces taste so much better when cooked in it & I can guarantee it boils  eggs just right

So there you have it. My first Listography. Now pop over to Kate’s to read some more! 

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