Last Week I Learnt That…..

  • Taking your handbag to a football match is not a good idea. Now I don’t normally do that. As you know if you’re a regular here, I go to quite a few matches but don’t normally bother. For some reason when we went to Barnet I took it with me. My excuse is that I thought we were going for something to eat and we had a friend with us so it felt more of a ‘going out’ trip than a football trip. Anyway, we couldn’t find anywhere to eat so ended up having something (really not sure what) in the ground and I just didn’t have enough hands with the bag, the coffee, food & having to shield my eyes from the sun!
  • Courgettes are an amazing vegetable. I have always had a fondness for them but have only cooked them as an accompanying vegetable. We visited a friend for lunch and had to most delicious courgette soup followed by courgette cake. (She has a glut of them!) Are you a courgette fan?
  • The same friend has persuaded me to join a choir. Apparently they have REAL people going and she thought it would make a change for me from my virtual world. I was always on a choir at school so I’m looking forward TO IT. Mind we’re singing Mozart’s Requiem and Schubert’s Mass no 3 in B flat so I’m not expecting to ‘Rock them in the Aisles’!
  • You can be surprised by human nature! We needed the car fixing and had booked it in. Part of the deal was to see if the work came under the warranty. Now, I don’t know about you but us and warranties never seem to meet so we were not hopeful. However, when we returned from our walk to the local Sainsburys for a coffee and a discussion about how much we thought it would cost, we found that not only is it covered but they had washed and valeted the car! Result!

What did you learn last week? Fancy posting about it? Link back to here and we can share experiences!

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