Last Week I Learnt That…#7

  • Organization can help stress. I have written about stress on these weekly reflections so if you are a regular reader, you will probably have guessed that stress is something that is often around in my life. Most of the time is due to trying to get a gallon into a thimble (not enough time to do what I want to do). Often, my first reaction is to think about getting rid of something. That can be really difficult though. As a retired lady, I have chosen to do all the things that I am now involved in so I really don’t want to give any of them up. This week I realized that if I can ‘forward plan’ I can have my cake and eat it!
  • The reason I love my hubby is that he is SO sweet! He was retelling me a conversation he had been listening to on Radio 5 Live and said ‘…as I said to the radio…’! Bless him!
  • Summer clothes make getting dressed much quicker and easier but putting winter items on including tights feels like you are ‘properly’ dressed!LWILT...
  • When you are setting out on a new initiative and have a keen but naïve group, it is better to give them something that they can cross out when they know they don’t want it rather than a blank piece of paper. Of course you have to time it right; otherwise they may just think that what they were given is what you want!
  • Traffic lights are a wonderful invention but can sometimes be your worst enemy. When you are in a hurry the darn things are all RED but when you have time and are relying on them being red they are all GREEN and you arrive far too early!
  • Bloggers will travel quite a distance to meet together! I went to Blog Camp Bristol last week and as it was held in the city where I live I was pleased that I didn’t have too far to go. It gave me a chance to show off the many new features that Bristol now has. The event was great fun. It is lovely speaking to folks you know virtually and be able to put a name to a face. We also learnt a great deal  about SEO, the craft of writing and how to think about your ethics as a blogger. There are some great reflections of the day HERE
Did you meet anyone new this week? Are you a forward planner? Tell us about your week! 

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