Last Week I Learnt That…#3

  • Bank holidays suck! I don’t know when I started to dislike them. Maybe it was when I started work and had this ‘special’ day off. Not sure but whenever it was, I’ve not liked them since. I think it is probably linked to my dislike of Sundays. Let’s face it, a Bank holiday is just a delayed Sunday and because it is supposed to be a holiday day but isn’t, it turns out worse than a Sunday. The only thing going for a Bank Holiday Monday is when you get to the end of your first day of work that week, it’s nearly Wednesday and the week-end isn’t far away!
  • I’m not old enough to drink REAL coffee! We have decaffeinated at home andcaffeinated coffee only occasionally will have the hard stuff when we are out. Last week I went on an in-set day and drank caffeinated all day. I had a very strange feeling in my head all evening and a funny taste in my mouth. *note to self: drink more water with it*
  • I’m nearly 60 but can still be caught out as naïve when it comes to people. This week, I was reminded that folks I interact with during my ‘working life’ who I think are friends, are not. They are out for all you can give them and when the well runs dry – they not only ditch you but really give you a good kicking!
  • Routine has it’s good and bad sides. Since I retired and had such a hard time sorting my life-timetable out, my darling hubby has been trying to get me into a routine. By and large he has succeeded but when we have been away for a few days, I find it REALLY hard to get back into the swing. I don’t know if it is something to do with his OCD (Rear View Mirror Angst)  but HEslips straight back into it.
  • Although the autumn is on it’s way, there is nothing like the smell of rain when the sun has been out most of the day. It is really such a wonderful smell that if they had it as an air freshener, I’d buy it!

 How’s your week been? Do you like Bank Holidays? What is your favourite scent for a room?

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  • Julia–I know exactly that smell after it rains–it’s indescribable. When we lived near the woods, I used to love that spicey, musky scent after a rain. Embarking on a new school year tomorrow but looking forward to June and retirement!!

  • Your post reminds me of an old (practically ancient) French song, Les enfants s’ennuient le dimanche: Children are bored on Sundays!
    Yes, they often are, and I, for one have never outgrown that. Sounds like maybe you haven’t either, Julia!

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