Last Week I Learnt That …#28

  • I like rain! I found it very comforting when I heard it falling this week. There is no doubt that my system has been completely up-turned with the unseasonal weather we have had for quite a while. I think I may need to do some research on other climates so that I’m ready for the different ‘non-seasonal’ times.
  • It is good when you can make your children proud! We always talk about how proud we are of our children but I have never really thought about it the other way round. I certainly wouldn’t have expected it once I had retired but this week during our weekly chat, my son said he was amazed at all the things I was doing and was very proud of me. My chest (which was not small to begin with) is a couple of sizes larger!
  • Virtual is OK but sometimes ‘hard-copy’ is best! You’ll remember my joy last week when I shared with you my ‘publication’ ?Well my hard copy arrived & it looks brilliant!
  • Being on the other side of the table can be hard. We are appointing an Executive headteacher for our new federation. I have been involved in all the arrangements for the day including questions, tasks and presentations. I’m finding more stressful than when I was applying for posts because there is so much that could go wrong and spoil the experience for the candidate! I will enjoy a glass of something after it I’m sure!
  • Finance is boring. To be truthful, this was not something I learnt from scratch this week. I’ve always known it but had hoped that being retired and volunteering to go along would make it better. It didn’t! Why is it that one of the key things to a school’s success is so dry and uninspiring? I do hope there is a financial reading this who can point me in the direction of excitement and enthusiasm for finance because I’ve got quite a lot of it to do. Any takers?
  • Friday evening is KING! I may have mentioned this before but it needs saying that whoever invented Friday evenings was a marvel. Even now when I am not going to work I still love that time when mentally as well as physically I can switch off. I am very busy at the moment so still get that sense of ‘you have earned this’ that comes along at the end of the week. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that we go to the pub as well!!:)

 Interviews, finance, rain – quite a mix. How was your week?

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