Last Week I Learnt That …#25

  • Technology can be your enemy. I went to a TeachMeet this week. For those of you who are not teachers, this is where teachers get together and share what has worked well in their classrooms. It often has an IT bias but they are always presented using technology – laptops, screens, power point etc. I go along to talk about the 100 word Challenge but unfortunately, being the first one up on this occasion the equipment had not had a chance to warm up and none of my links worked! Shame because the number of entries for the challenges is growing and is now very impressive.
  • I need a table to talk. That is, I need to have a table to lean on when I’m in formal meetings so that I can really concentrate. I was in one such gathering and we had stayed in the warm office rather than moving to the cold meeting room. This meant me balancing folder, papers, note pad on my knees which was not successful.
  • Being considerate can be embarrassing. I was listening very carefully and made a mental note when my daughter-in-law mentioned that her parents’ birthdays were only 3 days apart. As the dates arrived I sent cards to them both. I was very pleased when I was told that they arrived on the actual days  (which is brilliant considering Royal Mail at the moment!). The only problem was that I was a month early! Still they don’t go off do they?!
  • Rules do not apply to everyone. This could be about all sorts of things but I’m thinking of resignations. In my working life, if you resigned you were not entitled to any payment. Not so if you were England manager it would seem!
  • You have to think about your energy when you are older. Now this isn’t some ‘oh woe is me now I’m 60’ comment. I have noticed over recent months that I do need to remember to build in some R&R now when I’m haring about. I do think though, that my enthusiasm for projects and new ideas is probably greater now that a few years ago so – swings and roundabouts.
  • Men and women have different approaches when it comes to keeping warm. My husband has found his gloves now that it is cold but can I get him to put them on BEFORE his hands get cold? No. When asked why he says he forgets. Please help me Dear Reader – how does he forget if they are in his hands?!

Another busy week here. How was yours? 

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