Last Week I Learnt That…#24

  • We are never satisfied. We have waited and waited for the proper winter to come. I have written about it several times in these weekly meanderings and yet as soon as it gets cold and snow appears we go to pieces! I just couldn’t seem to get warm but I’m sure that has more to do with my mind saying ‘it shouldn’t be this cold’. If it had happened in December my mental state would have been ready I reckon. *pass another blanket*
  • Some bodily functions are nice. No, don’t worry-  it is safe to read on! I’m talking about sneezing. I’ve had a head cold for a couple of weeks now but this week I had a day of constant sneezing and it was wonderful. I have ended up looking like Rudolph but my head is clear. Now if we were to talk about hiccuping …..
  • It is frustrating when folks don’t keep appointments. Well in a way they did but they left after a few minutes when I need an hour. They had to go somewhere else obviously more important but we had made an appointment (it was business not pleasure) and I had some important things to ask, discuss and get action on. The delay now means that certain dead lines have passed. More importantly, it is the precedent that seems to have been set. I am giving up my ‘volunteer time’ to support a school but it does not seem to have enough importance to actually make a difference. Makes me cross and sad.
  • My son’s humour makes me smile! (Text conversation)                                           Me: Is it snowing yet?                                                                                                  Son: No but they are 7 deep in the queue at Tescos. It’s like the blitz!
  • I must trust my instincts more. My birthday present from my son is tea at the Ritz later this month! It is a whole experience and requires you to dress suitably meaning the men have to wear jackets and ties. Hubby had a suit for our son’s wedding last year but has lost so much weight he needed a new jacket. That was bought with no problem but on reviewing his wardrobe we decided that a new tie was also in order. As the jacket had been bought in a high street store he decided that there was no need to take it with us for matching purposes as we would see it in the shop. Result – neither of us could remember what it looked like so we have to go in again, this time with the blasted thing!

So, have you had a sudden cold draught hit you this week? Do you forget how good your instincts are? Do share! 

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