Last Week I Learnt That…#20

  • Giving birth can be exciting but exhausting! You may be thinking – giving birth? At your age?!! Don’t worry it wasn’t giving birth as in baby and gas and air. I launched the new blog for the 100 Word Challenge for the children. The basics had been set up by John Sutton at Creative Blogs for me to then fru fru around. As I’m going to an exhibition next week I wanted to get some business cards ready so it felt quite manic but exhilarating. We need more commentators so pop HERE  , have a look and get back to me if you can help!
  • It is not just cats and kids that are affected by the wind. It is a pain for those of us with longer hair.
  • Poo causes scences. We went past an altercation between a cyclist and a dog owner which had got to quite pitch. I’m not sure who did what to who but both were claiming the other at fault and were ‘going to call the police’. Further down the road we went past a mother changing her baby’s bottom in a café. She had chosen the seat in the window so the world was able to check the daily motions of this little bundle!!
  • Weak coffee in shops should be outlawed.
  • Despite lots of walking – stress shows. I have a bit of a vulnerable back. Most of the time it is fine and with all the walking we do, I keep in a reasonably fit condition. However, when I’m busy and the adrenalin is racing, my back can begin to stiffen. James, my chiropractor was not best pleased and told me that if I was not careful he would make me give some of these ‘yes but I’m very busy’ things up! Mentioned something about me and retirement!
  • Having the tiniest length cut from your hair can make you feel stones lighter! (Well for a little while!)

Quite an exhilarating week here as you can see. How was yours? 

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