Last Week I Learnt That…#19

  • Rain is beautiful. I don’t mean that wonderful fresh scent shower at the end of a balmy afternoon that just perks up the flowers. We went to an evening football match and the rain was very fine but in the floodlights it was really lovely. Sadly the football was nothing of the sort!
  • Surprise presents are lovely whatever your age! I am very lucky to have a husband who likes to give me surprises. Often they are not gifts I have put on a list but they are things that he knows I’ll like. One present this year though was a complete surprise – the whole set of Harry Potter dvds. Now some of you may not understand my delight in this present but as an avid fan I was really thrilled.LWILT
  • You can make sure you don’t over-do the fat content of food and still have a ‘good’ Christmas. I didn’t ever think though that I would enjoy a piece of cheese quite as much as I did!
  • Time may not heal but it can help. The past couple of years have been quite tense and tricky for us concerning a family relationship. We have had words and apologies and it seems now that all sides have found its comfortable position where each can enjoy the company of the other without the pressure of wondering what might happen next.
  • Homemade gifts are always special. My son and his wife came armed with peppermint creams, candles and Christmas cake when they visited us in the ‘in-between’ time. It is so lovely to know that they spent time creating something just for you.
  • New Year celebrations seem to be changing. There seemed to be a lot more people staying at home rather than being out in the world when the year changed. We have a wonderful road near us with all sorts of local shops, cafes and eateries. There was a wonderful buzz around on New Years Day when folks seemed to want to come out and grab the new year and there wasn’t a hang-over in sight!

So, what was your ‘post Christmas’ week like? Bet you didn’t go to a rubbish football match! Tell me about it! 

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  • It really is ‘the thought that counts.’ I’m so glad you had so many thoughtful people around you in the festive season. 🙂

  • This sounds like the past week was a happy one, crammed with happy insights and doings. Especially remarkable considering the week contained the holidays, usually a time of tension and stress.
    Seems to me like last week you leaned — contentment!

  • I love surprise presents and homemade gifts always make me smile. They’re the best kind although a sapphire every now and again is pretty nice :). I stayed in this New Year’s and slow danced to Here Comes The Sun with my fiancé. It was such a wonderful happy evening spent in my pajamas. Happy New Year :).

  • I think the roads are just jammed with cars on new year, thats why ppl stay in.

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