Last Week I Learnt That…#18

  • Things are very expensive. It always hits me hard when I realize things that the rest of the world has known for ages. As for as price rises are concerned I suppose we only notice when it is the things WE buy that have gone up in price. I was staggered when I saw the cost of a bottle of sherry! Now, as you can imagine, it is an annual purchase. There is nothing like a glass of sherry while you are getting the lunch ready. However, I nearly decided to forgo this tradition when I saw that it was around £8.50! I’m sure it was a fiver last year!
  • I tell fibs. I say each year that I’m fine not being with my son but each year I am sad that I’m not. Thank goodness for mobile phones!
  • Vegetables can stir the beast breast. I was the victim of parsnip rage. I kid you not. I was in a happy festive mood when I went into the supermarket for my final ‘fresh’ bits on Friday. I knew it was going to be manic but had deiced that I would wait as long as it took without being cross or grumpy. Imagine my distress though when I was barged – yes – barged out of the way at the parsnips. This lady, who really should not ask if her behind looks big in anything because it does, shoved me away from the section so that she could get at the carrots next door. I nearly pushed back but was quite shocked and then remembered my promise to myself. Instead I walked away with a loud ‘Well honestly!’
  • The world of PC language changes constantly. By PC I mean political correctness not things to do with the internet. Once they were old age pensioners. Then they were senior citizens. Now as I’m on the brink of becoming one, I shall be an older person!
  • I can forget the important things in life very easily. I was sitting watching some mindless Christmas rubbish when the adverts pulled me up short. There were two and I’m sure you recognize them – the one about the elderly being alone and the starvation in Africa. Why does it take a moment of relaxation to remind me of my place in the world and what I should do with it?
  • This post will be the last LWILT of this year. Sounds very dramatic but it will only be 24 hours that changes the year. Funny that. It’s the same with birthdays. You wake up and you’re a year older than the day before! Anyway, may I take this opportunity to thank you Dear Reader for being there. Without you, I’d feel quite silly to be honest. I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and let’s hope that the world can sort itself out a little better this year!

How was your Christmas and what are your hopes for the New Year?

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  • Still my favorite column of yours! Thank you for sharing your weeks with us this way —
    I hope that in 2012 you will not be barged out of the way at the parsnips — even though I adore your description, which made me break out in a big grin. 😀

    BTW, out of those PC descriptions “an older person” is far and away my favorite. It’s not really PC, it’s just the truth.

  • Thank you for sharing all the things you learn. I’ve learned so much this year, that it is certainly hard to sort out. By the way, sorry I’m skipping the challenge this time around, and will be absent for the next couple as well. I’ll be back after Slovakia, I promise.

    Happy New Year, Julia. I hope this year is filled with joy.


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