Last Week I Learnt That…#16

  • Children shout. They don’t seem to be able to do anything quietly at the moment and parents are almost being hijacked by it. I had two experiences over the week where children employed the ‘shout as loud as you can so that mum is embarrassed’ tactic and it was difficult to see it in action. What do you do when you are in a cafe having a cuppa and the youngster does not want to stay in their push chair? What do you do when you have taken them out but they are still yelling? I would hope that if it were me I would leave but that was not the case so we all had to endure the noise.
  • The smell of home-made beef casserole can be very welcoming when you come home.
  • My husband never ceases to amaze me! He was trying on a shirt and came out to Last Week I Learnt me. It looked very nice but I asked to see it tucked in even though he had joggers on rather than trousers. Rather than just pushing the material into the elastic, he went back to the changing room then came out having done the deed. When I asked why he had to go back to the changing booth he said that he had to pull his joggers down to make sure the shirt was completely flat. Bless! A model in the making me thinks!
  • We forget that winter means cold and are quick to grumble!
  • Parents do have ridiculous expectations of their children. Picture the scene – Christmas shoppers mingling around a beautiful fountain in the middle of the shopping mall. People taking the chance to sit and gather their thoughts before setting off to spend more money. There are children some in pushchairs who are released to also take a breather. What do they do? Where do they head? Yep – straight for the fountain and parents seemed very surprised! I had to smile as I watched 3 separate scenarios of parents / grandparents pleading with littles not to get near the water. It just isn’t going to happen folks!

So… a week of children, Christmas and weather! How was yours? 

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