Last Week I Learnt That…#15

  • The striking public can cause havoc. Now, that is probably what the intention of the strike was but I was quite surprised. I thought there would be no buses or car parks open. I knew there would be no schools open but what I didn’t think about was that many of those who were not at work would be shopping! The towns (and I went to two) were heaving! Although there was a fear that the day was likely to have an negative impact I think the economy was likely to be given quite a boast on Wednesday!
  • Meal planning does not always work. You need to get the meat out of the freezer that morning otherwise the plan fails!
  • More haste can produce less speed. As you know if you are a regular reader, the last few weeks have been manic. I knew they would be so have tried to plan ahead. (Doesn’t always work as you saw above!) We only have need of one car most of the time but when life takes a back seat and I’m doing lots of ‘work’ I need to car. Now again Dear Regular Reader, you are likely to know about hubby’s OCD (Rear View Mirror Angst) so I don’t use the car much but I do like to have a go. We set off with me dropping hubby off, only to realize that in my haste to get him to his destination I had not brought my house keys and we would be returning at separate times. Result? We went back to the house and I was dropped off!
  • Every cloud has a silver lining. You’ll remember last week about the inspections? Well have a look here to see how it worked out –The Inspector Calls 
  • A ‘Thank You’ can go a VERY long way. Staff were very generous with their thanks after the last inspection so I was completely taken by surprise when one of the male teachers said how he had appreciated my support four days later. Life in a school is busy so the fact that he remembered really made my tummy warm.

So, a better week for me. How was yours? 

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