Last Week I Learnt That…#11

  • Fireworks are expensive. Hubby and I have always had our own little celebration of the saving of the Houses of Parliament. We buy a box of fireworks, some rockets and I have a packet of sparklers. In the BC days (before cholesterol) , we would have sausages for supper. This year we just got ourselves a small box  of fireworks as last year there were lots of them the same. They were still expensive but they were also RUBBISH! Now I’m an old lady and have seen plenty of fireworks in my time but the thought of a young family splashing out to get some for their little ones and having those made me cross. We will be going to a display next year I suspect!
  • I understand about blog security against spammers but please position the box ‘Tick if you are a human’ BEFORE the submit box not after it! Grrr!
  • Eggs fight back! Those of you who visit here regularly will know that since I retired,Last Week I Learnt That...#11 we like to go out for a picnic once a week. We always take a couple of hard boiled eggs but goodness they are getting SO difficult to peel! I don’t know if the membranes are much stronger but rather than the shells coming off in two or three pieces, I’m left with tiny bits of shell that take ages to prise off!
  • I’m married to Mr Monk! You may not be familiar with the TV series about the very OCD detective who has to have everything just right and uses a wet-wipe when he has shaken hands but it is one of those gentle programmes that I enjoy. Anyway, hubby came out with a blinder the other day. He needs another black top to go with his black joggers because he has two pairs of black and two pairs of blue (are you keeping up?) but has only got one black top!
  • When a car salesman says he has a fantastic discount on a car, he doesn’t mean the car YOU want!
  • Fog is Mother Nature’s game of chicken. All the different types of weather conditions can be felt. Hot sun, heavy rain, cold snow and ice. When it comes to fog you don’t feel it and I think that is why we humans think we can control it or that it certainly can be beaten. Sadly, the crash on the motorway has shown that Mother Nature is always in control when she wants to be.
So, you can see it was a bit of a down week last time. How was yours? Have you had any of these experiences? Do share! 

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