Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home!

Do you get close to creatures? You know- talk to them, worry about them? I don’t mean dogs and cats because obviously you are close to them because you feed them & such. No, I mean creatures like insects, spiders & ladybirds?

We’ve just been to the garden centre. We love to drive out, have a look around all the wonderful exhibits and plants & feel really envious that we do not have a garden like that. We also like to have a cuppa & usually a cake (but today I was very good & didn’t!).

Anyway, we hadn’t gone far when I noticed a ladybird on the windscreen. I pointed it out to OH & told him not to decide to put the washers on. I watched as this tiny creature walked back & forth across the glass. I was fascinated to watch the rhythm of it’s legs & how firmly it was attached given the speed we were travelling. Gradually, I began to worry!

This ladybird had come from our neighbourhood. It may have come from our garden but here it was being taken MILES away! How would it find it’s way back? What should I do? Once we arrived I considered finding a leaf, putting her (it’s obviously a her to withstand all that stress!) on it & pop it in the car so that I could transfer it back to the garden when we got home.

OH said that would be a ridiculous thing do as it was likely to die of fright. So…I just spoke very quietly to this beautiful creature & explained that we wouldn’t be long &would then take her back to her family.

Imagine my despair when we got back to the car, she had gone!! What had we done! Do you think she will have found her way back or would she just find some other garden to start again?

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