Just Sittin’

As those of you who are regular visitors (many thanks by the way!) I don’t followย try to follow the rules for ย things! Obviously, I don’t want to upset Tara over at Sticky Fingers when it comes to her wonderful Gallery!! *stops fawning to get into good books!*

This week she wanted to know what we were doing when we read this week’s prompt ( which is what we were doing when we read this week’s prompt…) I have taken her literally! As you will know unless you left the planet last week, I was in Paris for my 60th birthday so did not see it until 9.30pm on Monday evening and this is what it looked like!

Please note academic pose, glasses at correct angel, back straight – oh and what about those slippers!

Now pop over to Sticky Fingers to see what everyone else was doing when they got the prompt!ย 

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