It Was an Emergency!

Well Tara has decided to move into a bit of a risky area with the theme this week. She wants to know about our ‘Guilty Pleasures’ and we all know what sort of things some of us get up to! Of course, that is not me because being an older, wiser *cough, cough* I would not have any guilty pleasures that I couldn’t share here!

Now I’ve thought long and hard. There seem to be a glut of photos around with me with various alcoholic beverages in them! *tut, tut*. However the one I have chosen is SO difficult to show!

As you know hubby has been working hard at reducing his cholesterol (and succeeding too!) but in order to do it we have cut out lots of yummy foods!

This is an example of what I mean!!

Guilty Pleasures

The picture was taken in the rain just near the Mont St Michael on the north west coast of France. We had travelled a couple of hours to get there only to find that the world and his wife had decided to do the same thing so the queues were vast.

We took some pictures but did not go in so as the plan had been to have lunch there, we needed to find something. This amazing burger stand with it’s own tables, chairs and umbrellas provided us with the most delicious lunch and shelter out of the rain.

It is now a guilty pleasure, because I’d feel VERY naughty if I had another one!

Click the lens cap & go visit the other expressions of guilt!

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