I vill ask you only vunce!

Well I have been sandwiched between four great bloggers who all feel I should be placed under the spotlight! Not sure what I did to Nickie at Typecast  or the three sisters over at Paris Ankara Express  but I got tagged twice in the same day!

So that I don’t bore you dear reader but also do not enrage the ire of my inquisitors, I have chosen 5 questions from each.

1. Are you a meticulous planner?

I do plan but probably not meticulously. I don’t go down to the enth miniscule detail. I have a husband with undiagnosed OCD who does that! It can drive you mad believe me!

2. Do you wear make-up & if so how much & how often?

When I was a head, I always wore make-up & perfume to school. I refreshed my lippy through the day especially if having to speak to a scary parent or grumpy teacher. It came from an adviser commenting that ‘I must be important , she’s put on her lippy’! It helped me feel the part. It meant that at the week-ends & holidays, I didn’t bother but once I retired I worried about being a permanent slob. So, I put on mascara & lipstick if I go out even to pop to the shops. It’s all ego as I would hate anyone who knows me to see me ‘naked’.

3. What, if anything, do you wear in bed?

Talking about naked, the answer is nothing. Not sure how that is going to go down as I enter my 6th decade but still!

4. Look over your right shoulder.  What do you see?

A unit built by my OH with books, baskets & general office type things. I’m in our ‘study’ – small room that isn’t big enough to be anything else!

5. If you had to take a random item to an interview to help describe you, what would it be?

I think my handbag with my Mr.Men diary in it that I blogged about recently. It says ‘She organized, can carry a lot but is fun!’

6. What film would you have liked a staring role in?

West Side Story! I always wanted to be a dancer & then when I realized my figure was never going to win that fight, I wanted to choreograph. WSS is a great film with wonderful music & fabulous dancing.

7.Jimmy Steward or Cary Grant?

Chickening out & not choosing! They are both fab! Depends on my mood & the film!

8.Do you swear in front of children?

Not on purpose! It was very difficult at school if I got really agitated. I would  remove myself to safe distance & then have a rant!

9. Do you knit or sew or do any other ‘womanly’ craft?

Well, I can knit & sew. When I was a youngster I made all my own clothes because it was much cheaper & I could make them fit. Now my sewing machine only comes out for taking trousers up & doing my son’s curtains when he changes the colour scheme in his house!

10. Twitter or Facebook?

Definitely Twitter mainly because I don’t think  I understand Face Book. It seems to be too cumbersome having to change pages all the time. With Twitter, it is immediate.


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