I Don’t Understand!

Him: Do you know what’s happening?

Me: No

Him: They have to get from where they are to the end in the maximum of 6 attempts

Me: Oh

Him: It’s all about yardage

Me: Oh

Him: They’ve all got different roles. There are receivers – they catch the ball. Then there are defenders. There are actually two teams each side – an offence team & a defence team

Me: Oh. So do they keep coming off & on then?

Him: Yes

Me: Similar to cricket is it?

Him: No. Rugby League. Do you understand Rugby League?

Me: No

Him: Oh

 Note to self: Next year, go to bed before the Super Bowl starts!

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  • I’m with Mummywalker. I love Rugby League but AF (I refuse to call it footbal, they carry or throw the thing but hardly ever kick it)completely baffles me. Not only do they get two teams but they have a rest every 2 minutes. Darts has more action.

    And the winners of the Soup or Bowl are the World Champions apparently. Yes. that’s because no other counrty is interested in playing the rugby rip off.

    Now don’t get me started on the American version of rounders.

  • You clearly know the difference! Thanks for commenting!

  • Mummywalker

    I understand rugby league but definitely don’t understand American football. Confused! Anyway AF is rugby for wimpy men who need pads and hard hats 😉

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