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If you have read The Fleet, you will know that OH is away at the moment. Apart from a few hours here & there I have been on my own which NEVER HAPPENS! Usually at these times of this annual event I go to my DS’s or he comes to me. This year that was not possible so I have had time pottering around here at home & some things have hit me in the face!

  • Firstly, washing up! There is hardly any! I could imagine doing it once a week possibly & even then I wouldn’t run out of cups!
  • I don’t have to keep signing into the internet as no-one else has done it & changed all the details.
  • I had explained to OH before he left that I would luxuriate in the bed each night, spreading myself to its four corners. However, his pillows are still nicely puffed & it is clear that only one person has been there.
  • The best part though has been THE TOILET! I haven’t had to keep putting the seat down! You don’t realise these inconveniences (sorry for pun) until you don’t have to do them!

For those of you who don’t live alone, which ONE thing would you change of your partner’s habits?

For those of you who live alone, enjoy the fact that you don’t have to worry about these domestic things!

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  • *hehe* Julia, you only managed FOUR 🙂

    My other half is a neat freak and even more clean than me (and he is convinced I have OCD) … I wish he’d occasionally clean the toilet (!) but the only thing I’d like to change about him is this incessant need of his to raise his voice to about 100 decibels each time he speaks on the phone 🙂 I have to leave the room – and he normally speaks so softly, its quite a change *hehehe*

    But he’s a lovely guy and it took us so long to move in together that each morning is a blessing!

  • I don’t want to be controversial but what is it the obsession with toilet seat placement that women seem to have? It’s not like it’s a big effort (I nearly said job then but thought better of it. Sorry). In fact, leaving it up is surely more hygenic? Surely you must realise that it is just as inconvenient for us to keep putting them up AND THEN down again.

    I’m not sure I would change anything about my OH. Although there are things that might aggrevate me occasionally, I understand that these things are part of who she is and changing one little thing would be changing the whole person.

    I can see the attraction of the occasional period apart though. 😉

    • Re: toilet seat – yes, male response 🙂

      As for time apart, I’m not a fanof it really. The odd few hours here & there but nothing longer.

  • I hate the fact that he leaves empty or nearly empty packets in the cupboard and fridge. That is aside from the above comments of not having to worry about food (I can eat the same thing for dinner every night if I like it) and the sheer freedom of only having myself to look after

  • There’s a lot to be said for a bit of “me time” every now and then. The freedom to get up when you want, to eat what and when you want, to watch what you want, to go where you want, not have to tidy up after kids, husband…. bliss. My favourite indulgence is eating boiled rice and peas (with a little soy sauce) straight out of a saucepan, with a glass of red wine. Of course, you can have too much of a good thing – bet you will be glad when hubby is back!

  • Jen

    Right now my husand is out with the three children and I am home alone. The thing I have done is turn the TV off to enjoy the sound of silence, I can even hear myself think!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your ‘me time’. Jen.

  • My kids have been at grandmas since yesterday afternoon and hubby has been out, the house has been so quiet and peaceful, no endless requests for juice and biscuits, no constantly picking toys up or breaking up fights. Lovely.

  • When I was suddenly single (a few years ago now) and the kids went to my ex’s house I was gloriously alone. I really enjoyed not having to cook meals – just a salad would do me – and the bliss of cleaning once and the house staying like that!!! I loved having the whole bed all to myself. Not picking up clothes, not driving everyone around! YAY! Getting into my dressing gown at 6 oclock if I jolly well wanted. Having pizza for breakfast…

    In fact if my Englishman hadn’t been so lovely I may never have remarried!

  • My hubby’s away too with our daughter this weekend, and I’m home alone with our son. I was hoping I’d take up all the bed space too. However my son’s decided to camp in his daddy’s place, and he takes up much more space than his father ever does…

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