Here’s mine! What’s in yours?

My dear friend Julie B over at The Sardine Tin tagged me for the Handbag /Sunshine meme.

Apparently, people can find the contents of a handbag interesting! As I usually had my ‘school bag’ with books & folders in, I always went for a small compact hand bag as it only had to have my phone & glasses in it. Since retiring though, I’ve needed to get a ‘proper’ bag. I still find it difficult to carry it like the Queen though so it has to have handles that allow me to sling it over my shoulder.

I wonder if anyone has ever done a study on the type of handbag & compared it to a woman’s personality. Well if they did they’d say that I’m colourful! As those of you who follow my blog will know I love coloured shoes so I supposed that makes me co-ordinated as well! The contents would confirm that I’m a teacher at heart as you’ll see in a minute!

Firstly, let me describe my two bags (yes, I’ve got two because they are very similar apart from one being larger than the other so it wasn’t fair to leave one out!) Both bags were bought on separate holidays to Perigeux in France. They are made of swatches of lovely soft leather fixed like feathers to the bag. They came in a variety of colours either mixed or single. They have part-beaded handles with cord ribbing at the top.

If you look carefully, you can see that the red one on the right has leaf shapes. Somehow when you hold it up the bag looks like a strawberry!

As for the contents – well the usual – purse, lippy, keys, my Mr.Men diary (subject for another post!), my purple Blog book (this is where I jot any ideas for future posts), pen, a memory stick & a folder. I have shown this because if I’m going to a meeting, I’ll take the red bag because it is big enough for a folder. The only thing missing is my mobile which was being charged up!

As I said, the contents show that I’m still a teacher at heart with all the ‘schooly’ things. I still get excited at this time of year when it is ‘new diary’ time!

So there you have it. I will now pass this meme to the following folk so that we can continue this nosey exercise!

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