Hello! #Cybermummy11

Well it’s nearly here but I’m trying not to think about it because I know I’ll get too excited & there is too much time until it happens to be too excited! I need to stop, take a deep breath & explain!

What am I talking about? Why Cybermummy 2011 of course! I wasn’t going to go as I’m not into all the ‘mummy’ PR stuff & would not have any use for the freebie breast pads they gave away last year. However, having seen the programme I reckon it’s right up my street & thanks to the fabulous Melinda at  ‘Her Melness Speaks’ who kindly bought my ticket, I’m going!

Now there is a little tradition that, to help recognize folks during the day, bloggers do a bit of a ‘this is me’ bio. So – you know me – I always do as I’m told:-

Name: Julia Skinner

Blogs: What Will Julia Do Next? and The Head’s Office

Twitter ids: @jfb57 and @theheadsoffice

Height: Up to my husband’s shoulders (probably about 5’ 4”)

Hair: Should be grey but depending when I last applied colour in a bottle generally light brown

Eyes: They used to be blue but going greener as I age!

Likes: Fresh linen on a bed, Friday evenings,

Dislikes: Rudeness, arrogance, the smell of fish,

Just in case you haven’t seen me here this is what I look like (& of course that wonderful hubby!)

If you are going, you now have no excuse for not saying ‘Hello!’

Now the lovely Carly over at Mummy Shoes has got a linky going so do pop over & see what the rest look like!

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