Yesterday I went to the PRU. For those of you not in the know that stands for Pupil Referral Unit. It is a wondrous place that I have written about before. The young people who attend work extremely hard & yesterday was their Achievement Award Day.

Now usually they have a celebrity attend who does the handing out but unfortunately everyone was busy. So they asked me to go along in my role as Chair of the Management Committee (like governing body).

As I was replacing a celebrity, I thought I’d better ‘do a turn’ so took my hats. This first one is from ‘Bad Hair Day’ which was a Comic Relief Day 2003. I had worn it to an interview – yes seriously. I was going for a headship & wore it while teaching a group of 6 year olds!

My next hat is the one I wore as a Munchkin in the Wizard of Oz. Again school connected as it was a production we did one Christmas. We always tried to involve all the children so those who didn’t have speaking parts & staff all came as Munchkins!

My last & most prized hat is the one I bought outside the old Wembley stadium when Gillingham were in the play-offs to go into the Championship in 2000. It was 20 & amazingly we won! Sadly, we have slipped & slipped since then but you can’t have a premiership without a League Two! Anyway, they are nice people down there & there are some great places to visit.

So there you have it – my hats. The young people were great & were able to join in with my silliness! I then had the pleasure of congratulating them on their achievements. For some, coming forward for praise was very difficult but they did it & were proud (even though they were reluctant to show it!)

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