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Although this is a long time coming, this post is in reply to the meme set down by Susie over at New Day. It was originally the Happy 101 meme but Susie put a slant on it and  I’m going to combine the two. Here are 5 things I’m really happy NOT to have to do anymore!:

  1. When I was a head teacher one of the major things I really disliked was going on school trips. You may be surprised but I really felt nervous because I didn’t know the children well & often was not part of the planning so wasn’t always sure what the purpose of the trip was in terms of the curriculum. I’m sure staff invited me because they saw an immediate guarantee of good behaviour from the children. That was not always the case once the novelty had worn off!
  2. Still linked to school – I was SO grateful that I didn’t have to make the decision to close the school when the weather was bad. It is not an easy thing to do because there is such pressure from parents & the Local Authority which had to be balanced against health & safety considerations. Brrr! Great relief!
  3. The nightly chore of making lunch boxes either for school or work. It wasn’t the actual making but the thinking of what to put in them. It took quite a few years of grumbling to myself whilst making them that both OH & DS told me they were happy to have the same thing each day! Grrr!
  4. As a parent, I used to dread parents evenings (felt like that as a head sometimes too!). It wasn’t that the report was going to be bad but just the whole format of the visit & the possibility that the message could be awful.
  5. Now that I’m old & very happily married, one thing I’m really happy I don’t have to do is go to parties / discos looking for a mate! I was never any good at it when I was young & single but now it feel nice not to have to bother!

Now here is the list of simple things that make me happy:

  1. The smell of fresh mown grass! Oh how that makes you feel of summer & really lifts the spirits.
  2. Getting into a bed that’s been freshly made. If I could afford it I’d have someone give me fresh bedding every day ( they would wash/ iron of course). Somehow, the bed feels so much snugglier when it has clean linen on it.
  3. Speaking to my son. He lives about 2 hours away so I don’t see him as much as I would like but he phones regularly.
  4. Friday evenings are great! They signal the end of the working week. Even now that we are retired we have a Friday evening ritual of going to the pub then slobbing out with chilli or something quick & in a bowl.
  5. If I’ve put Friday evening, then obviously I have to put Saturday morning! Oh the joy of not having the alarm go off! Why is that breakfast always tastes better on a Saturday?

 Now, in true spirit of a meme, I pass it on to the following to share their happiness in whatever way they like! If you dear reader would like to join the fun, feel free!

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